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Rising up to meet a fresher future


When it comes to our health and the health of the planet, the future looks greener than ever!

Rooted in science; with a reverence for nature.

By growing vertically using our unique, patented Air-Grown farming methods, land, energy, water and space are dramatically conserved. Plant roots remain in the air 99.9% of the time and thrive when spritzed with a nutrient rich mist. No soil is needed. That opens up a lot of possibilities—including the fact that frozen ground during winter is no longer an obstacle.

A spa for lettuce and herbs.

We give our crops exactly what they need to thrive—including the perfect light, air, humidity and nutrition. Our plants are so happy; our indoor farm is literally a spa for greens!

Safer and healthier for you.

Our salads are among the safest and healthiest ways for you to buy fresh greens. Because our crops are grown indoors, the health risks most traditional farms face are virtually eliminated. How cool is that?!