By bringing the freshest, tastiest greens to the Midwest, we’re proving there is a
better way to farm


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Did you know that about 75% of the United States' lettuce is grown in California? Meaning Midwesterners had no option for fresher greens. We had to wait for lettuce to ship thousands of miles, which could take as much as two weeks! It’s time for a change. Living Greens Farm grows and delivers in Minnesota — so our customers get fresh, great-tasting greens faster.

The best part? When compared to traditional farming, our aeroponic technology uses:


95% less water


95% less shipping


98% less land



Grow fresh greens and herbs 365 days a year.

Our greens come to life through our aeroponic technology. All of our lettuce and herbs are grown without pesticides or herbicides. This allows you to get the freshest greens on the planet.


Are you ready to taste the difference? Find a location near you. We can’t wait to welcome you to the table. 



At Living Greens, we’re dreamers. And even
more importantly, we’re doers.

Our drive to sustainably provide the world with fresh, healthy greens unites us. We're a team built on a commitment to deliver great-tasting greens, respect for the greens and those around us, trust in our process and each other, integrity, and a passion for delivering healthy food that makes you feel good.


George Pastrana

President and CEO

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George has always been passionate about innovative brands that deliver a great consumer experience.  When he first heard about Living Greens Farm, he was intrigued by the company’s commitment to sustainability and its mission to feed the world’s growing population through an innovative indoor growing approach called aeroponics.  As a former engineer, he was floored by the disruptive technology the company developed over its first 10 years and the incredibly tasty, fresh, and crunchy full-sized greens it was able to grow.  He was delighted to join the company and bring his 30+ years of experience to create the world’s best tasting, sustainably grown greens and more.


Adam Hauser


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Adam has spent his career in Finance at a variety of consumer-facing companies, trying his best to play a strong hand in driving the vaunted “and” of top-line growth and increased profitability. He relishes the challenge of winning the vote of the customer and building a finance capability that helps his organization achieve that goal. Adam grew up in Iowa and spent the majority of his childhood on a farm, but as you can imagine leafy greens were not the crop of choice. His roots led to Iowa Hawkeye fandom that runs passionately to this day. Adam and his wife have 3 children and reside in Plymouth, MN, with chauffeuring the crew to a variety of activities their primary “hobby”. Adam also enjoys a variety of sports, biking, boating, travel and entertaining with friends and family.


Ken Sourbeck

VP and General Manager

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Ken joined the small team at Living Greens Farm in 2012 where he focused on operations and accounting and was appointed Corporate Secretary.  Ken enjoys the variety and fast pace from a startup and is passionate about building, leading and mentoring teams that act and deliver results.  Ken has an MBA from Minnesota State University – Mankato, is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), and a Six Sigma yellow belt.   Ken is grateful for the incredible mentors that helped him over his professional journey.  While he has borrowed many values and lessons from each, it is the life lessons that came from growing up on a small farm in southwest Minnesota that taught him the life skills of raising food, working hard, communicating and caring for others.  Life lessons, Ken says, that are present each day at Living Greens Farm.

Katie Grady

Katie Grady

VP of Sales

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Katie is a Minnesota native and has spent most of her career in the natural food space. In college at UW-Stout, Katie studied Retail Merchandising and Management and had an immediate connection to the industry, especially in Sales. She is passionate about making better-for-you products more accessible and in educating others about sustainable options. Katie lives near her favorite lake, Lake Minnetonka, where she spends her weekends with family and friends boating in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. She has a love for music and songwriting and in traveling anywhere near the ocean, especially if she can dive with sharks. Katie is excited to be part of the passionate group of people working every day to provide the world with fresh, healthy greens!


Melanie Faust

VP of Supply Chain

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Melanie is a Wisconsin native.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, go Blugolds!  Melanie has enjoyed a long career in the food industry.  From leading 3rd shift sanitation teams to slicing bacon, to building production facilities abroad, helping consumers with their Thanksgiving turkey, and now, Melanie is growing the best greens on the planet!  At work, her passion is supply chain and operations.  She is a Six Sigma green belt, trained in thermal processing, and certified in production and inventory management (CPIM).  To stay fit, Melanie hits the bike trails in the warm months, the ski hills when it snows, and yoga to fill in the gaps.  And when world travel opens up, the whole family is looking forward to exploring again.  We are missing delicious, and authentic xiao long bao!

Michelle Headshot

Michelle Keller

Head Grower

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Michelle grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was active in FFA (Future Farmers of America) in middle school through college.  It was in college at UW -River Falls that Michelle fell in love with the concept of food production in an indoor environment.  Michelle graduated with a Plant Biology degree from UW- River Falls, she also completed all Masters course work in the Plant Pathology program at the University of Minnesota. Michelle took her concept of indoor food production and made it a reality when she opened LaBore Farms Hydroponic Lettuce.  Michelle was the owner and operator of LaBore Farms Hydroponic Lettuce doing everything from seeding, production, marketing, and delivering her product throughout the Twin Cities.  Michelle expanded on her indoor concept of growing when she started full time at Living Greens Farm as Head Grower with accountability for research and development of the aeroponic production systems.  This includes recipe development, system development, and production parameters for baby greens, herbs, teen lettuce and full-size lettuce.  Michelle’s hobbies include growing lettuce, singing to her lettuce, and swimming.


Mai Moua

Sales Director

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The very first day that Mai stepped onto the farm as an MBA student, she knew she had to be a part of the exciting world of Aeroponics!  An experienced sales professional with over 15 years of experience working with national retailers and consumer products, Mai switched from designing and selling collections of clothes to collections of salads.  In her free time, Mai enjoys hiking, travelling, and sailing with her family.  She is an avid gardener and is passionate about improving the world through sustainable food practices.  Her focus at Living Greens is to make pesticide-free, locally grown, delicious salads readily available and accessible.

Melissa Toov

Melissa Toov

Food Safety Manager

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Melissa was born and raised in Owatonna, Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science Degree from Southwest Minnesota State University. Melissa was interested in land conservation in 2014, but eventually became exposed to the world of Indoor Agriculture in 2018. In a controlled and sustainable environment, Melissa has found that Food Safety has benefited from this greatly; Melissa also enjoys leading Food Safety Audits, and has grown to value the high importance of Food Safety. She continues to show this value each day while working at Living Greens Farm. Outside of work you might find Melissa in the garden, playing guitar, cooking, spending time with family, praying, hiking, and camping. Melissa is married and hopes to one day be a mother.


Matt Johnson


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After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Plant Science degree, Matt was immediately interested in controlled environment agriculture. Starting at the Universities Plant Growth Facilities he began to dive into the world of hydroponic lettuce production. At Living Greens, he aims to provide a consistently fresh product to each consumer. As a Minnesota native, Matt enjoys biking, camping, or exploring one of Minnesota’s many lakes.

Vaibhav Kv headshot

Vaibhav Kakumani

Production Manager/Engineer

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As the Production Manager and Engineer, Vaibhav is in a progressive position as a leader in processing full-grown heads of Aeroponic lettuce into delicious salad kits.  Vaibhav has long had a passion for productivity and quality and at Living Greens Farm works to ensure manufacturing is effective and has made significant contributions to its production. He received his Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Western Michigan and brings to the team a unique ability to create and set standard operating procedures and best practices. He enjoys a variety of sports, travel and entertaining with friends.

Jerry Gray

Jerry Gray

Plant Engineer

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Jerry is a native Hoosier from Muncie, Indiana. He brings over 25 years of engineering experience in aerospace, automotive, railroad, telecommunications, and food and beverage with well-known industry leaders. Jerry is a Six Sigma black belt with a passion for lean manufacturing and root cause analysis. He has excelled in project management both domestically and internationally. In his free time, Jerry enjoys restoring classic cars and riding his vintage motorcycle. He is a certified Master Gardener who loves plants. Jerry’s favorite place to relax is hanging out on the beach.

John Palczynski

John Palczynski

Midwest Regional Sales Manager

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John, an Illinois native, comes to Living Greens Farm with 25 years of sales management experience in the CPG (Consumer Products Goods) industry, with the last 12 years having been in produce. John has worked closely with regional and national grocery headquarters throughout the Midwest. He enjoys the challenge of working at the retail level and managing broker networks. John is excited about being able to work with uniquely grown, aeroponic leafy greens.

In his free time John enjoys traveling, music, landscaping, swimming, simply being outside and spending time with family and friends.


Find a location near you. We can’t wait to welcome
you to the table.