Indoor-Grown, clean and sustainable, Living Greens™ salads are pure deliciousness! Plus, they’re among the safest, HEALTHIEST ways to buy fresh greens.

Our earth-smart, year-round, vertical indoor farming approach uses 95% less water, 95% less shipping, and 98% less land—with no pesticides or herbicides.

That’s not all! They’re on grocery store shelves up to TWO WEEKS FASTER than other brands so they’re fresher and higher in vitamins.

Salads, Herbs, and Microgreens

Be good to yourself and the planet!

How we grow our greens

It’s called Aeroponics — Conceptualized by NASA, perfected by Living Greens Farm. This is a revolutionary, planet-friendly vertical indoor farming approach using no pesticides. The result? Great tasting salads with less yuck and more yum! Roots are spritzed with a nourishing mist—no soil and barely any water is used.

Living Greens Farm developed a patented system with over 10 years of research. Our system allows us to deliver the highest quality of fresh produce which is not only good for you but good for the planet too!

Think Vertically

Think Vertically!

Seedlings grow in stacked trays on a vertical, space-saving frame.

The Perfect Nutrients

The Perfect Nutrients

Customized, plant-perfect nutrients are added to water.

The Magic of Mist

The Magic of Mist

The nutrients are misted onto the roots to feed and strengthen plants.

A Spa for Salad Greens

A Spa for Salad Greens

Ideal light, air, humidity and temperature allows plants to thrive. It’s like a spa for lettuce!




Air-Grown farming is new and might seem mystifying —or for some, miraculous! Take one bite and you’ll discover all you really need to know. The secret is all in the mist. We deliver a delicate spritz of mist to plant roots, just the right amount of light, a summer’s day worth of warmth and the perfect blend of nutrients. It’s that easy! And that complex! One taste and you’ll find that the decision to buy more Living Greens salads and herbs is the simplest choice you'll ever make.

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