Plants Talk: Creating the Perfect Environment for Growth


It is well known that plants grow best when the weather is just right. Traditional farming methods have developed ways to combat mother nature by using an abundance of water, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Crops are also transported, typically from California to Arizona, in the Fall and Winter months due to the changes in climate at that time of year. While these methods can help us adapt and grow crops in less than ideal conditions, they present potential problems, from resource consumption to introducing bacteria and disease into the crop. At Living Greens Farm, we have developed the perfect environment for our plants.

Hi, I’m Michelle Keller, Head Grower at Living Greens Farm. If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen how our seeds grow into seedlings and eventually move from the nursery into our grow rooms. We recently showed you how we use 95% less water with our trolly mist system. But there’s more to growing the greatest greens on the planet than just using less water. Things like temperature, light, and air affect the plant’s growth.

Temperature is an easy element to control when you grow indoors. As the world’s largest indoor aeroponic farm, we have the responsibility to ensure that our grow rooms are highly regulated. That is why we continually monitor the temperature, not just for the health of our plants, but to make sure our energy consumption is at a responsible level. 

Creating the Perfect Taste

We grow indoors to regulate the perfect amount of light given to the plants at just the right time. Our technology utilizes low energy LED lights that simulate sunlight and allow the plants to perform photosynthesis without being overwhelmed. This is one of the reasons our plants are known for their color and flavor. We’ve harnessed the energy of the sun and we give it to our plants right when they need the energy. 

And we wouldn’t be an aeroponic farm without harnessing the power of air. Our plants are grown in vertical grow racks and are challenged with the force of air which make them stronger. When people eat Living Greens Farm salads for the first time, we are often asked how our greens are so crisp. Well, it’s because we grow our plants to be the strongest they can be.

Bringing Mother Nature Indoors

Controlling mother nature will always be a losing battle for traditional farmers. As the next generation of farming, we’ve brought mother nature indoors and can control the elements to grow the tastiest, healthiest greens on the planet. Check out our nutritional study in the blog. 

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