Expanding Our Reach with New Location in Indiana


Since the beginning, Living Greens Farm has had one mission: to bring the cleanest, freshest, tastiest greens to people living in our own communities. And we’ve done just that! Our aeroponic farm has been consistently producing the best greens in the world over the past few years. Since our creation, we have grown thousands of greens and delivered them to more than 50 stores throughout Minnesota!

Now, we’re ready to announce some big news: we’re bringing that Living Greens fresh taste to Indiana! That’s right — we’re expanding! In 2023, we’ll open the doors to our all-new facility in Muncie, Indiana.

This new farm will have the capacity to grow five million pounds of leafy greens each year — it would take two million acres of traditional farmland to match that output. And we’ll do it all while using 95% less water and 98% less land than a traditional farm. You get great quality, delicious greens and we get to help the planet. Everyone wins!

This expansion is a big step for Living Greens Farm and aeroponic farming. It will help us to better supply our retail partners and allow us to expand into additional regions across the Midwest and Midsouth. Most importantly, we are excited to become a part of the Indiana community and to provide our new neighbors with the greatest greens they’ve ever tasted.

Hear more details about this exciting new expansion directly from Living Greens Farm's CEO and President, George Pastrana, as he discusses exactly what this facility means for Munice, IN in an interview with Inside Indiana Business.

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Headquartered in Minnesota, Living Greens Farm is one of the largest indoor vertical aeroponic farms in the US. Living Greens Farm produce requires 95 percent less water and 99 percent less land to grow year-round and all products are grown without pesticides. Living Greens Farm has a full product line that includes salads, microgreens, and herbs available throughout the Midwest. For more information, please visit http://www.livinggreensfarm.com.