Fresh Produce

Our products offer rich flavor and excellent texture due to our growing talent and innovative growing process. Caring dedication to quality ensures crops attain optimal flavor and nutrition.
In addition to freshness, food safety is a high priority at Living Greens Farm. Our process is designed with industry leading food safety standards in mind. The result is a consistent great tasting product you can trust. Our customers consistently get the freshest and highest quality products available—year-round.

Current Products

Our experienced growers offer lettuce consumers a dynamic range of flavors and textures. The flavors of our full-size lettuces range from the soft buttery texture of Butter lettuce, to the sweet crisp flavor of our Oak Leaf varieties, crunch and spice of Arugula, and the peppery zing of Upland Cress.

Butter lettuce – Butter lettuces have small, round, loosely formed heads with soft, buttery-textured leaves ranging from pale green on the outer leaves to progressively smaller pale yellow-green on the inner leaves. The flavor is sweet and succulent. Butter lettuce is great as a low-carb wrap, the perfect size for a burger, and great in a salad. Arugula – Arugula is an herbaceous plant with a bold, bitter flavor and a soft nuance of nuttiness and mustard. Most popularly used to add intrigue to salads, but can also be used in pesto & sauces, entrée garnishes, or as an herb.
Red and Green Oak Leaf lettuce – The unique structure of Oak Leaf heads gives uniformly sized leaves that break readily into salad greens with one simple cut. However, the heads are harvested at peak maturity so the flavor and texture have more time to develop than traditional baby-leaf salad greens. The result is a unique small leaf lettuce that has a sweet taste with a crisp leaf. Just as easy as bagged salad, but the head stays fresher much, much longer! Upland Cress – Upland Cress has a sharp peppery flavor that is often compared to radishes. A relative of watercress, Upland Cress has more vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin A than broccoli, and packed with Vitamin E, Iron, and Calcium. Most popularly used to compliment salads, soups, sandwiches, grilled vegetables, and fish dishes; Upland Cress can be consumed cooked or raw.
Mixed Greens – An ever changing blend of lettuces, microgreens, Asian greens, kale, arugula, and cress. Every bite will be different.

Often referred to as vegetable confetti, microgreens include a variety of edible young greens, harvested less than 2 weeks after germination. Our tiny, delicate greens add color, texture and flavor to a variety of foods. Their delicateness creates visual appeal, giving dishes a flavorful pop. And though miniscule in size they have concentrated flavors.

Microgreen Green Kale – Same flavor beginning as mature Kale with less bitterness and more tender stems Microgreen House Blend – A unique blend of mustards, lettuces, kale, cress, choi, and cabbage to bring a complex flavor enhancement to salads, sandwiches, and soups. Microgreen Red Mustard – Beautiful green leaves with red highlights and very mild mustard flavor.
Microgreen Green Mustard – A lime green, sharp mustard tasting microgreen with a moderately hot finish. Microgreen Arugula – Sharp peppery flavor. Microgreen Radish –Similar in taste to full size radish, it has a mildly sharp flavor.

Herbs are the perfect touch to add vibrant flavor to many main dishes.

Basil – Extremely aromatic with a scent of pepper, anise, and mint. The taste is sweet, yet savory—like the aroma it is peppery yet slightly minty. Lemon Basil – Basil flavor background with an intense lemon overtone. Cinnamon Basil – Basil flavor background with a hint of cinnamon finish.
Red basil – Similar in taste to Italian large leaf basil with a vibrant red color. Cilantro – A fragrant mix of parsley and citrus. Sage – Sweet and yet somewhat bitter, with a pine-like flavor and aroma. Sage is often paired with thyme, marjoram, and rosemary.
Parsley – Clean bright flavor and a lettuce-like crunch. Rarely does a dish not benefit from the addition of parsley — it’s good in stews, sauces, cheese spreads, rice dishes, vegetables, omelets, and fish dishes. Dill – Mild and warm flavor. The faint aroma is similar to the scent of aniseed.